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  • 歡迎訪問成都樂美天醫藥科技有限公司

    Journal of separation science-26 November 2019


    Biosurfactant trehalose lipid-enhanced ultrasound-assisted micellar extraction and determination of the main antioxidant compounds from functional plant tea
    期刊名:Journal of separation science
    文獻編號:DOI 10.1002/jssc.201900910
    發表日期:26 November 2019

    Hydrosoluble trehalose lipid (a biosurfactant) was employed for the first time as a green extraction solution to extract the main antioxidant compounds (geniposidic acid, chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, and rutin) from functional plant tea (Eucommia ulmoides leaves). Single‐factor tests and response surface methodology were employed to optimize the extraction conditions for ultrasound‐assisted micellar extraction combined with ultra‐high‐performance liquid chromatography in succession. A Box‐Behnken design (three‐level, three‐factorial) was used to determine the effects of extraction solvent concentration (1–5 mg/mL), extraction solvent volume (5–15 mL), and extraction time (20–40 min) at a uniform ultrasonic power and temperature. In consequence, the best analyte extraction yields could be attained when the trehalose lipid solution concentration was prepared at 3 mg/mL, the trehalose lipid solution volume was 10 mL and the extraction time was set to 35 min. In addition, the recoveries of the antioxidants from Eucommia ulmoides leaves analyzed by this analytical method ranged from 98.2 to 102%. These results indicated that biosurfactant‐enhanced ultrasound‐assisted micellar extraction coupled with a simple ultra‐high‐performance liquid chromatography method could be effectively applied in the extraction and analysis of antioxidants from Eucommia ulmoides leaf samples

    Standard substances(Figure S2 in Supplementary Material), including geniposidic acidchlorogenic acidcaffeic acid and rutin, were obtained from Chengdu Desite Biological Technology Co., Ltd. (Chengdu,China)

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